Buiatrics: The term is originated from the Greek language: "Βούς" (pronunciation: "vous") means cattle, "ιατρική" (pronunciation: "i-a-tri-ki") means medicine. "Βοοϊατρική" (pronunciation: "vo-o-i-a-tri-ki") means medicine of cattle, i.e. buiatrics.


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You will find here information about the association and its activities.

The association is intended to function as a tool made available to practitioners. It organizes top-level training courses by skilled scientists who are specialists not only in bovine veterinary medicine but also in all fields impacting on cattle production (nutrition, genetics, reproduction, biotechnologies). It also spreads scientific knowledge and practices in bovine veterinary medicine. Since it was first created, it has published 60 books. Its conferences given by highly specialized experts ensure a process of constant updating. It helps make veterinarians specialized in bovine medicine essential partners in the fields of animal health, optimized production management, consumer safety and animal well-being.